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As the cover reveal week goes on, today Kendíka and Dolores chat again as Dolores gets her feet wet to be able to help Kendíka with the posts for this website.

Book: Incantation Paradox

Author: annamaria bazzi

Cover Designer: Natasha Brown

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Release Date: Undetermined



A car accident cuts Dolores Reynard’s life short, leaving her with a long list of unfulfilled dreams. When she awakens in a strange bed, inside a much younger body, and living with a new family—she can’t worry she might be going insane. How can she be a teenager again?

Jason Richmond understands the danger awaiting his new houseguest. Wanting to ease her concerns, he works to earn Dolores’ trust. But attraction flares in the most unexpected way, and he finds himself caught between setting the situation right and following his heart.

An enduring evil threatens not only the blossoming love but their lives as well. As Dolores and Jason struggle to unravel the truth behind her resurrection, they find themselves tangled in a web of murder, intrigue and magic. Only together can they hope to overcome the incantation paradox holding them captive.

Kendíka:                                                                                                                    Dolores:







Kendíka – Good morning, Dolores. I’m so glad to have someone here with me.

Dolores – I”m glad to be here to help you out, although I really don’t think this job requires both of us.

Kendíka – I don’t think it’s so much to help me as much as giving you exposure to annamaria’s readers. I think they want to get to know you better, like they’re getting to know me.

Dolores – Anyway, do you know what else annamaria has planned for this week she calls the cover reveal?’

Kendíka – As a matter of face, I she’s working on a giveaway through goodreads.

Dolores – Really! She’s planning to give away my story?

Kendíka – Yes, she’s planning to give away ten, signed, paperback copies of the novel. Why?

Dolores – Ten paperback copies you say?

Kendíka – That’s right. Is something wrong?

Dolores – No, not at all, it’s just that I heard her say she would be scheduling a blog tour for the book and some of the bloggers expect a copy they can give away to their readers. That’s going to be a lot of copies given away.

Kendíka – That’s a good thing. It will help to spread the word about your story.

Dolores – Well, is she trying to get reviews? Those are very important.

Kendíka – Yes, she’s working on that also.

Dolores – Nothing is happening today. Do you know what annamaria has planned for tomorrow, after all, she’s the one that wanted an entire week of cover reveal.

Kendíka – I’m sure she’ll have something interesting for her readers, don’t worry. Relax!

Dolores – That’s easy for you to say. This is my story we’re talking about.

Kendíka – I know that, but annamaria is working very hard on all the logistics.

Dolores – If you say so. I think I’m going to go she what she’s up to.

Kendíka – Are you sure you don’t want to join me on a nice stroll at the park?

Dolores – No, thanks. I need to keep annamaria on her toes.

Kendíka – There you have it folks, annamaria has someone to keep her on her toes, that’s my queue to disappear.

See ya.

About annamaria

Although born in the United States, Annamaria Bazzi spent a great deal of her childhood in Sicily, Italy, in a town called Sciacca. Italian was the language spoken at home. Therefore, she had no problems when she found herself growing up in a strange country. Upon returning to the states, she promised herself she would speak without an accent. She attended Wayne State University in Detroit Michigan, where she obtained her Bachelor of Science in Computers with a minor in Spanish. Annamaria spent twenty years programming systems for large corporations, creating innovative solution, and addressing customer problems. During those years, she raised four daughters and one husband. Annamaria lives in Richmond Virginia with her small family where she now dedicates a good part of her day writing.
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