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As the critiques from start to come in for the collection of short stories comprising A New Era, I’m realizing that I can’t really please everyone with my writing.

Last week I posted Sarah one of the short stories that had already gone through CritiqueCircle and had received some very good critiques. I worked on the revisions and somewhat polished the short. when last week’s critiques started to come in, from all the comments, I realized that a few will always find things to fix and make better.

It reminded me of my uncle Joe, the painter. He would paint until we all thought it was done because he would set it aside. But eventually that painting found its way back on his easel. He’d work it and change it and put it aside again. By the time he would consider it finished a few years had gone by.

That’s how I’m feeling about these short stories. At what point do I say enough and turn the manuscript over to my editor?
Some of the shorts in the collection have gone through six drafts already. I guess it’s not many considering I’m still writing more shorts for the collection.
I mainly concentrate on full length novels, so I’m hoping I’m doing justice to these characters.
I think as soon as i’m done with some of the revisions for Sarah, I’ll post here and hopefully you’ll all let me know what you think. It would really help.
Well, that’s all I have for now. Talk to you soon.
Having a dreadful problem getting this entire post to show up when I publish it.

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Although born in the United States, Annamaria Bazzi spent a great deal of her childhood in Sicily, Italy, in a town called Sciacca. Italian was the language spoken at home. Therefore, she had no problems when she found herself growing up in a strange country. Upon returning to the states, she promised herself she would speak without an accent. She attended Wayne State University in Detroit Michigan, where she obtained her Bachelor of Science in Computers with a minor in Spanish. Annamaria spent twenty years programming systems for large corporations, creating innovative solution, and addressing customer problems. During those years, she raised four daughters and one husband. Annamaria lives in Richmond Virginia with her small family where she now dedicates a good part of her day writing.
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