Andrea Buginsky on Round Table Chat

Post on the Indie YA Books website is a new Round Table Chat featuring young adult authors. Do stop by and learn a little about the fabulous fantasy author Andrea Buginsky creator of the New Avalon series.

It’s a great thing to get to know some of these authors, but I don’t understand why annamaria hasn’t done a Round Table with me.

annamaria – Don’t worry Kendíka, I’m planning some Round Tables with several different characters, but, instead of me conducting the interviews, I’m going to ask you to chat with these characters. Is that something you’d like to do?

Kendíka – Wow! I had no idea you were planning such a thing…and yeah! I’d love to interview these characters. Do you know who they are?

annamaria – Not yet, I don’t have it all planned out, but I can tell you the first character I’ll be talking to are ones from the Indie YA Books authors.

Kendíka – Who are they?

annamaria – Andrea Buginsky, Maria Bradley, Bryden Lloyd, Sheenah Freitas, all the Wolf authors.

Kendíka – Aren’t you one of them too?

annamaria – Yes, and you’ll be one of the characters interviewed. I just don’t know which character will do the chat for us.

Kendíka – I’m sure anyone of them would be happy to do it.

annamaria – I’m sure you’re right, but I need to find out who would like to do it.

Kendíka – This is great! Are you all going to go to Indie YA Books and read the Chats? I do hope so, you might learn something very interesting about these characters.

Just for your information, annamaria does Round Table Chats with all kinds of authors on her blog, you should check it out, who knows, you might discover another favorite author.

Well, I have better things to do.

See ya.

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