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To make life a bit easier and less stressful, I’ll lend a helping hand with One to Watch series that will be coming out every Friday. Today, once again, I’m running a bit late, but I’m featuring Chelsea Falin, another author  I enjoy reading.


Less than Humble Beginnings


Book Blurb for Less than Humble Beginnings:


Follow Willie as her story unfolds. She is taken from her ‘Less Than Humble Beginnings’ and thrown into a world (and a culture) that her own mother kept her shielded from.



Here’s what a few readers had to say:

“I liked the way Chelsea Falin described Willie and the things she is going through as a result of her mothers teachings or lack there of. ”     maria saldana

“This is the second ebook I have read by Chelsea Falin, and while I enjoyed “I Found My Heart In West Virginia”, I very much enjoyed “Less Than Humble Beginnings” more so.”     Jessica from Dade City, Fl.

A small bio of the author:

Chelsea FalinChelsea Falin is the self published author of fourteen current titles, including five contemporary fiction novels. She is, as always, working on her newest title.

Chelsea was born and raised in the small town of Dade City, located in west-central Florida. Currently, she resides in southern New Jersey. Chelsea has been married to her husband, Robert, for over five years. The couple have a four year old daughter together.

Here’s what I had to say in  my review:

I found the beginning to be too much narrative for my liking, but the story was so intriguing that it pushed me on in the hopes it would change. It did.
Willie, the main character of the story, came alive with an intelligent personality and a few quirks that made her seem like the teenager living next door.
The world changed when Willie’s mother died and, with her sister, they went to live with their aunt in a household that already had five children, three teenage boys and two little girls.
The story concentrates on the relationships that formed between Willie, her male cousins and their male friends. She fit in perfectly and was considered one of the guys.
Willie is baptized into the group with a few beers, causing commotion as they find out secrets about this girl they just can’t fathom. Willie had never had a drink.
The story unfolds revealing growing friendships in a household filled with support. The mega problems teens face on a daily basis are conquered, at times with great heartaches. The characters in the story come across as real people with real, every day struggles.
A must read for any mother and all teens who want to experience what real friendship means.

Be sure to check out this great story of teens adjusting to new life, Less than Humble Beginnings by Chelsea Falin, a definitely One to Watch.

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