Christmas Eve

Christmas balls

All too soon Christmas Eve is now behind us.

It takes so much time preparing for this wonderful evening of feasting, celebrating Christ’s birthday, and then in just a few hours, it’s all over.

As a family, we come together on the Eve to share the happiness of our salvation with dinner and gift exchange, but most of all each other’s company.

Sorry, I always forget to take pictures of the food and the family sitting around the dinning room

Nazih with the girls

Nazih with the girls

table, but do have to mention how wonderful it all was. Roger prepared ham rolls that were out of this world, Amanda made the most delicious sweet potato casserole with coconut and pecans. Nazih made his special greens with asparagus, baby lima beans, peas, artichokes, green beans and green onions. We had homemade hummus, chicken with lemon, oil and garlic, mashed potatoes, a mixed salad, Italian sausage, wine, cannoli, and rice with chicken and almonds… Yes, I have tons of left over food to have another feast.

Our greatest pleasure comes when Nazih and I take the time to hide some of the presents and

The craziness of it all

The craziness of it all

the kids have to find them. It’s always a battle and sometimes a war as they all run around opening cabinets, stove, closets and look anywhere we might have hidden a treasure. This year Nazih and I had to play hot and cold or they would never have found all the presents. Funny, because we only use the great room to hide them in. It’s a long room, 30 feet, but only about 13 feet wide, including kitchen, breakfast area and family room. Yet, every year they have a hard time finding the presents as Nazih and I get more inventive every Christmas Eve.

It is now Christmas morning, the house is still quiet since we all went to bed very late last night. Today the family will be getting together with friends and family to continue celebrating the joyous  event of Christ’s birth.

Merry Christmas to all who take the time to visit my website.

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