Falling Behind

Without Kendíka to help me out, I seem to always fall behind.

New updates.

Well, I finished the sweet Christmas romance with a pet and it’s in the hands of a few beta readers. I’m waiting for their feedback to make changes and work on the second draft. I need to complete this romance and have it  edited by August 15 because it will be part of a Christmas box set which will include authors of the caliber of Rachelle Ayala, Chantel Rhondeau, Michele Shriver, Jade Kerrion, PC Zick and a few others. I feel quite honored to have my little novella published with theirs.

As you all know, I’ve read several of Rachelle’s romances and they are very enjoyable and fun to read. I’ll read one any time. I’ve finally read one from Chantel and I must admit I also love her style of telling a story, I couldn’t put Romancing Christmas down. Now, I’ve not read a finished product from Michele Shriver, but had the pleasure to beta read a novel that will be coming out shortly. I must admit, I enjoyed her style very much also. In this particular romance, she flips point of view from the heroine to the hero mid chapter. I’ve never really like this, but had to admit the way she did it gave great insight in the motivations of the two heroes–very well done.

At present, I got caught up in another romantic novella. I will need to find a home for it in some box set otherwise I’ll have to turn it into a stand alone novel, and I really don’t want to do that since i still have to come up with a novella with a wine theme for another box set I’ve signed up for.

I also need to get back to the edits for Dragons in the Resistance or it will never get done. I’m also thinking to publish a middle grade story I call The Treasure of Hity Bity Tatú.

Am I spreading myself too thin again? I seem to be doing that too much especially considering I need to write the second book of White Swans.



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