Info Update

Hello good followers of Earth.

Oh yeah, silly moods come and go. I might be stuck in one.

And the world is spinning, fast, then slow. When will it stop?

annamaria was doing some reading on the Pale Blue Dot because Amelia is doing a presentation on it for her Physics class. Anything outer space grabs her attention. I can’t believe how fascinated she is with the universe and all its mysteries. Naturally, now she’d like to read Carl Sagan’s The Pale Blue Dot, a book he published in 1994. Yeah, she likes Carl Sagan and Kip Thorne, go figure.

Mars is one of her fascinations and she was thrilled when she saw a documentary about these English scientists who are trying to put man on mars.

Anyway, this sort of explains why she writes sci-fi… at least it’s one of the genres she writes.

Did you watch the Superbowl last night?

Well, I need to go find something interesting to occupy my time since it’s raining here.

See ya.

About annamaria

Although born in the United States, Annamaria Bazzi spent a great deal of her childhood in Sicily, Italy, in a town called Sciacca. Italian was the language spoken at home. Therefore, she had no problems when she found herself growing up in a strange country. Upon returning to the states, she promised herself she would speak without an accent. She attended Wayne State University in Detroit Michigan, where she obtained her Bachelor of Science in Computers with a minor in Spanish. Annamaria spent twenty years programming systems for large corporations, creating innovative solution, and addressing customer problems. During those years, she raised four daughters and one husband. Annamaria lives in Richmond Virginia with her small family where she now dedicates a good part of her day writing.
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