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It has finally sunk into the thick skull that just writing a story, a novella, a long novel is not enough in this day and age where everyone wants to see their name in print. Marketing is the key element in selling books but learning the ropes is not easy for an author who just wants to write. The learning curve can be long or short depending on how much time the writer invests in the marketing aspect of authoring.

I have always known that to make money you need a certain amount of money at hand, but never realized how expensive it is to market a book. So far I have not been able to market my individual novels and novellas because of the lack of funds. What I have been able to do is join box sets where the cost per author is very little, but the collective provides for a good sum for marketing. Volunteering to be the marketer for these sets has helped me understand what sites are better to place ads and which ones are not.

Let me clarify, paid ads are not the only thing needed to let the audience know the book is out there waiting to be bought. Many free sites offer to publicize books and should be used with the paid ads to promote new and existing releases. Some Facebook groups might also be helpful to spread the word.

The next question I ask myself is, does blogging help sell books? As I revamp my website and blog, I will study the results to decide what exactly they help with. I will also try to understand if a website and a blog are both needed or I should combine them into one and come up with a new display strategy.

Another influencing factor is the fact most authors have real jobs and a limited amount of hours to dedicate to their passion of writing, creating a tug of war between writing and marketing.

After the holiday season, I will embark on this journey of discovery, using one of my already published books, which is sitting on Amazon, unknown to the world because it has never been marketed.

The next time I will discuss the need for good editing to become a credited author.

For now, happy shopping.

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Dragons in the Resistance

Dragons in the Resistance is a young adult novel. Chapter two introduces Sobril the alien, one of the main characters of the novel.

Please remember this is a draft not an edited copy.



Chapter Two


From behind the protection of a boulder, Sobril spied Mirthrog fleeing the valley with something or someone on his back. With the fighting so close, he had thought the dragon would have evacuated his valley long ago. As the commander in charge of this battle, he signaled to his males to open fire in the hopes of distracting the attacking Niroshids from seeing and shooting down the dragon. Bursts of laser rained down on the enemy. A single shot of dack disintegrated a tree. The Niroshid hiding behind it flopped to the ground, burned to a charcoal lump from the laser beams following the hand grenade explosion.

Planning his every move with calculating precision, he swiped his hand over his head to send another message to his males. He couldn’t communicate with them telepathically or the enemy might intercept the thoughts. The message traveled through the field. While he with several of the resistance continued to fire their lasers, many of the rebels ran away.

The Niroshid captain seemed to interpret the action as desertion, ordering his troop to advance, firing on anything that moved. Next to Sobril, Suckeri, one of his soldiers known for stealth, ran from behind a tree to a rock, diving for concealment behind a wall of low-growing bushes, parting the foliage, he peeked through.

The Resistance continued to fire upon the aggressive Niroshids to keep their current positions. Sobril zigzagged his way backward to another boulder, trying to reinforce and propagate the idea of a possible retreat. Seeing movement from his peripheral vision, he shot his laser, setting the bushes harboring an enemy soldier ablaze. The man rolled on the ground to take refuge behind a sizable rock. He continued his relentless attack. With the click of a button, he released one blast of dack, disintegrating the boulder. The soldier retreated as a comrade came to his rescue, opening fire on Sobril, forcing him to dive then rolled away from his cover. The rock exploded from the enemy’s dack. The force slammed him hard to the ground. He shook his head to clear it. Scrambled to his feet, he ran for cover.

With caution, he snaked his way to the rear to meet up with his sergeant.

The sergeant glanced to his right as Sobril took position behind a cluster of charred tree trunks next to him. “Sir.”

“Keep your eyes on the enemy.” He nodded in the direction of the fighting.

It wasn’t long before the rebels, flanking the Niroshids’ positions, appeared from behind and closed in on the enemy forces. The enemy, busy in their advance, never noticed the bold move of the Resistance.

Although few in numbers, the rebels opened fire upon the rear, advancing, moving into the enemy’s ranks, killing many of the Niroshid platoon. The surrounded enemy had nowhere to run. Sobril with the rest of his men pushed forward in a full charge. The pincer maneuver brought victory to the rebels. In a matter of minutes, the resistance regrouped, having killed every last Niroshid. He shook his head at the many Niroshids turned to ash—their families would never have closure, unable to give them a proper burial. The ugliness of war settled at the pit of his stomach.

Some of the fresher recruits shouted for joy, raising their weapons in the air. The seasoned rebels ran around, checking for survivors, killing them with effective swiftness to release them from their misery. The resistance did not take prisoners, for they had nowhere to keep them.

The Niroshid would meet the victory with greater retaliation. He ordered his men to leave the battlefield immediately. Running to the camouflaged vehicles hidden among a cluster of trees, an enemy fighter jet appeared on the horizon, approaching fast. Many reached the protection of the small forest and scurried to clear a vehicle with a mounted gun. The powerful new weapon, designed to take down even the stealthiest of jets, would be the culminating surprise for the enemy.

“Fire, fire,” Sobril yelled, out of breath, still a few feet away from cover.

The jet opened fire.

The strafing run hit a few good men. The short bursts of painful screams filled the air before their lives drained out of their bodies.

From the ground, the men aimed the weapon, firing at the jet. The explosion sent down a massive heat wave.

“Is everyone fine?” Sobril projected his thoughts to the remaining men. “Let’s get out of here.”

They scrambled into the vehicles and zoomed away.

“Did you see that imprudent dragon take flight, sir?” One of the younger soldiers commented.

“That was Mirthrog. This stinking valley is his home.” Sobril wrinkled his nose.

“Sir, do the Niroshids know that a free dragon lives here?”

“Not to my knowledge, but knowing Mirthrog, I don’t think he’ll be back.”

“I hope he won’t, sir.”

The small convoy arrived at the nearest resistance camp.

Not wanting to waste time, Sobril dashed straight into the commander’s quarters.

“Commander.” He saluted.

Seeing Sobril, the commander jumped to his feet and saluted the male who’d managed to turn the tide for the resistance.

What can I do for you, sir? He pointed to a chair for Sobril to sit on.

I’ve lost a few men, and now I’m in need of a few more to attack a special Niroshid convoy carrying important supplies to their soldiers stationed near the Western Border. Do you think some of your men would volunteer for this mission?

Sir, I believe all my men would volunteer just to serve under your command.

The officer’s facial contortion was acknowledgement to the praises of Sobril’s commanding style.

I need men that are good fighters on the ground as well as good pilots. I’ve captured some excellent enemy jets I’ll be using on this mission. As with all missions, the men might not come back.

I will make sure to tell them when I ask for volunteers. When do you need them ready?

Now would be nice.

The commander nodded and walked out of his office. Sobril followed close behind. In no time, he had more volunteers than he needed. Those he turned down walked away hunched over.

His males with the new volunteers stood around him, listening to his instructions and orders.

We are all here fighting for the same thing. FREEDOM. Sobril paused to rest his gaze on each male. Every mission we undertake could be our last one. Is the freedom of your mothers, mates, daughters, and sisters worth your death? This mission, like all others, is very dangerous. Again, he paused to sweep his gaze across the new recruits joining his mission. They all stared back with determination, understanding in their expression that the price of freedom could require their death. We’ll be driving toward Bold-Rock where a few men are guarding the jets. The convoy will be coming into the desolate forsaken valley to shorten the drive. We won’t have much time when we reach our destination to complete preparations. We need to work with swift confidence. We’ll fly the jets away….

When he completed his speech, the men ran to grab their gear. Soon after, they left camp for Bold-Rock the spot where the Resistance would intercept the convoy.

Arriving at their destination, the men scrambled out of the vehicles to join those already there setting up booby traps and other preparations needed to attack the approaching enemy.

Sobril walked around to make sure his soldiers executed the traps with precision. Walking near a group taking a much too long break to drink water, he overheard the thoughts bouncing among them.

Do you know Mirthrog the dragon has found a pet?

Mirthrog has no time to take care of pets. One of the soldiers walked away.

I saw him; he had a creature with yellow fur on its head.

Maybe the adventurer brought him a present from space.

They all contorted at the thought

Did you talk to him?

No, I saw him from afar, but I think Mirthrog enjoys having pets, he goes nowhere without one.

Is he in the market for another pet?

Soldiers, has any one of you spoken with Mirthrog? Sobril broke in.

No, sir. The response came in unison as they all came to attention.

Then you have no facts. Without facts, you shouldn’t be making assumptions or speculations and spreading rumors. Sobril jerked his hand in anger and walked away shaking his head. Females that gossiped annoyed him; males that did this angered him. What a waste of precious time.

He went off to inspect the captured jets and speak with the mechanic that checked them thoroughly to make sure they were in perfect working condition.

Report, please. Sobril’s penetrating gaze rested on the mechanic, who shifted position.

Sir, only one jet has a problem. The radar sensors are damaged. We started working on it two days ago, but it’ll take several hours more to finish the job.

Why aren’t you working on it?

The mechanic ignored his question. It happed to be the last jet inspected.

Without this jet, how many do we have?

Seven, sir.

He paced around, making some calculations in his head, then turned back to the mechanic. Even if we had all the jets, the odds are not great. So, I’m going to take it and use it for evasive maneuvers.

The mechanic bowed his head and went off to continue his duties.

Sobril walked through camp, hands behind his back, to get a feel for what the men felt and thought. It was important for them to be in good spirits. Morale was crucial in their long and arduous fight for freedom. He picked up positive thoughts here and there and he twisted his mouth in a downward swoop satisfied with the feelings of his males. The men were ready for a good battle.

Time for departure arrived. Sobril gave the order to fly out. The eight-jet formation flew into their mission with the blessing of all those left behind to fight the ground battle.



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Dragons in the Resistance – Chapter One

Many authors post snippets of their work or their entire work on Wattpad. I’d like to try a more personal approach with my writing and start posting right here on my website. If you enjoy what you read, and please remember it’s a work in progress, riddled with grammar and punctuation errors, please spread the word. Not only, but as the story evolves it will change.

I’d be very appreciative, if you come around and read, to leave a comment with your thoughts about what you read. Be truthful and blunt I don’t need you to  sugar-coat your comments.

I hope you enjoy and let your friends know.

Dragons in the Resistance is a young adult novel that takes place in a strange planet and tackles some real life issues.


Chapter One


Eva moaned, her ears ringing with the clashing sounds of the spaceship crashing. The agony searing her leg clouded her mind, blurred her vision. Even though her shoulder lay against a sharp metal object, jabbing her back, the bloody leg hurt too much to move. She closed her eyes to steady her breathing, to block out the terrible carnage. A chill ran through her body. She shuddered and winced in pain.

Small screeching noises filled her ears. Debris settled, projecting creaky sounds around the aircraft. Each jarring echo made her heart jolt.

She forced her lids open and squinted to improve her vision, the scene around her hazy from the dust still settling throughout the spaceship wreckage. The captain’s chair lay on its side, its bottom still bolted to a warped deck. Her gaze roamed a little farther. Shivers shook her body at the recognition of her mother’s exquisitely manicured fingernails, the red lacquer still shiny on the charred hand that once cradled her as a baby. Blinking away the stinging tears, she turned away as if to deny the reality by defying its presence.

Please, someone be alive, she prayed. As she wiped tears and dust from her face, the floating particles made her cough, shooting jets of pain down her leg. She stared at the large pole across her limb. Blood puddled under the gash on her thigh. Damn! I’m losing too much blood. Wincing, she removed her jacket, bunched it up, pushing it on the wound. Survival instincts kicked in. The heavy beam pinning her made it difficult to apply pressure to stop the bleeding. She tried to push the massive rafter off her unresponsive leg, but it did not budge.

The effort brought a bout of nausea. Sweat trickled into her eyes, burning. Blood saturated the jacket, slicked her hands, draining her strength, bringing on light-headedness with chills. Another quiet prayer from deep within her heart went out to God. Please make me die with the rest of my family. Warm tears streaked down her icy cheeks. Her nose stuffed from sobbing made it hard to breathe. With a slow movement, she wiped phlegm with her sleeve.

She turned to stare at the darkened bridge with its harsh emergency lighting. The seed of hope still lay in her that someone, anyone, would get up.

No one did.

The pain of death, the loss of blood stole her strength. Her eyes fluttered closed, then the sensation of floating overtook her body.


Eva groaned. Her lids flickered open. She stared into a shiny round eye gazing back.

She gasped.

Fear took over her mind and body, fingers closed into fists while her body went rigid. The gigantic beast, a snow-white lizard, possibly, moved away as she focused. The corners of its mouth seemed to curl. Is the creature smiling? It can’t be. She shook her head in disbelief, her fear momentarily placed on hold. The monster moved farther away. Taking a few deep breaths, Eva assessed her surroundings. Swallowing, she moistened her parched throat then concentrated on calming the drumming of her heart that pained her ears. The ship had vanished. She sat in a cave on a foamy pad with no pain. Even the heavy beam across her legs was gone. Where am I? Her gaze returned to the lizard to make sure it had not moved. With a frown, she appraised the giant. It was stunning. The beast resembled a dragon from one of her childhood fairytale books. Only this snow-white dragon had almost human like legs and arms—even hands with fingers and leathery wings. In a silent exclamation she blinked several times to make sure what she saw was real. Even as its beauty transfixed her, she did not trust the huge thing towering over her.

Glimpsing around, wonderment seeped into her consciousness.

A cave.

The walls sparkled with a diffused aura of light that spread throughout the space even up into the dizzying heights of the ceiling. Diamonds. She’d never seen anything so magnificent, even though she had visited plenty of planets in her sixteen years.

She glanced around for an opening, finding one—several meters away. With the corner of her eye, she glanced at the nine-foot monster moving in slow motion toward her. Heart racing, limbs shaking, Eva jumped to her feet. The cave spun. She took a deep breath to steady her footing. Staring at the approaching beast, she inched her way to the wall, moving backward as fast as her wobbly legs allowed, almost losing her balance. She stretched her arms behind her and touched diamonds with her palms. She pulled her hands away from the cold, burning surface, bringing them forward, she watched as instant blisters formed. With trembling lips, she glanced back at the shiny diamonds.

The monster stopped approaching, holding its hands out, palms up.

A colony of ants invaded her brain, the same sensation as when her foot fell asleep. In panic, she raised her burning palms pressing her blistered fingertips against the sides of her temples to dispel the prickles. Shockwaves of pain made her drop them to her sides. She glared at the creature even though the feeling lasted only a few seconds. It shook its head. Silent tremors pulsed through the cave.

“Eva, I’m not going to hurt you. The thought crawled inside her head, while the monster bobbed its head.

Eva frowned. Impossible.

From his deep vibrations, she assumed it was a male. Paralyzed, she did not know whether to be amazed or scared. She looked up into the gentle brown eyes gazing at her.

The creature waited.

She looked down at her leg, remembering her wound. No sign of the big gash that had drained her of so much blood. No pain. She turned to the monster that continued to watch her.

“You fixed my leg.” She cocked in disbelief of her own words.

Bobbing its head, the monster moved toward her again.

Eva gasped then glanced around. Nowhere to escape.

The lizard stopped, raising his hands, palms up, once again. “I’m not going to hurt you, but I do need to examine your wounds, the burn will continue to eat away at your flesh,” he spoke aloud.

The soothing voice was hypnotic, yet Eva did not trust the giant.

“If I wanted to hurt you, I would have done so when I found you.” He lowered his arms to his sides.

She flapped her arms, the cool air helped a bit but the fires of hell consumed her with pain. She peered at what she thought might be the cave’s mouth, too far away to make a run for it. From the tenuous light coming from the opening, she gathered evening would approach soon…or maybe it was dawn, she really couldn’t tell. Sweat from her forehead trickled down the sides of her face.

“Please let me check the damage on your paws.”

The wounds worsened. Blisters were oozing. Tears obscured her vision. The monster had somehow moved closer. Eva’s shallow gasps accelerated yet she couldn’t fill her lungs with enough oxygen. The pretty brilliant diamonds glared while the cave spun in slow motion. Stabbing knife like throbs punctured the blisters, which continued to secrete. Shaking her body burned.

The tingling sensation in her head came back, this time it lasted longer.

“Eva, you need to fill your lungs with air then let it out slowly through your mouth,” the dragon told her.

A few deep breaths later, her heart rate slowed and she calmed. The dragon stood only a few feet away. Her jugular pounded, more tears rolled down her cheeks, while she waited for the worst to happen. Oh, God. It’s going to rip me to shreds and gobble me up.

With one large step, the dragon stood before Eva. He took one of her hands. With a tender touch of his wet snout the blisters evaporated—the pain all gone.

She stared up at his gentle brown eyes, offering him her other hand. All the pain vanished. A faint smile of thanks, mixed with confusion was all she offered as her panic level subsided.

The giant backed away. “Little one, you understand I will not hurt you.”

She inspected the strange creature. Nothing indicated he was lying, but then he wasn’t human. How could she tell?

“Yes,” she said, trying to keep her voice steady.

Pictures of the crash with severed body parts flashed through her mind, making it difficult to keep her focus upon the giant. Eva stiffened again, renewed fear replacing the wonderment of her healed blisters. As long as the monster was not moving, she could believe things were fine.

And then, her empty stomach growled in protest.

“What do you eat?”

“Dragons don’t exist,” she murmured, examining every detail of his sleek strong body.

“Eva.” He paused, maybe searching for the proper words to speak. “I am sorry, but you are the only survivor.”

She knew his statement to be true, but chose to ignore it. “You healed my leg, didn’t you?”

“I did.”

“Do you have a name?”


An explosion shook the cave. Dust rained down to cover the top of their heads.

Eva rubbed particles from her eyes. “What was that?”

A second explosion rocked the ground. She lost her balance landing on her butt.


Eva tilted her head. The dragon swore!

The brutal anger in his voice shocked her. He stormed out of the cave. Jumping to her feet, she followed him.

“Mirto, what’s happening?”

“Mirthrog.” Turning, he ushered her deeper into the cave. “They are coming too close. I shouldn’t have brought you here, but you had lost too much blood. I needed an indoor place where to heal you and keep you warm.”

“Who are they? Why are they fighting?”

“It’s those damn Niroshids and their terrible war. But you have nothing to worry about.” The dragon strode about the cave.

“What are they fighting about?” A new danger took her mind away from the pain of death.

“They want the world to embrace their religious and political beliefs. You need not worry about them.” He swished his tail behind as he paced the length of the cave. “Kulu! Why did they come close to my valley?” Sparks of fire flew from his nostrils as he mumbled.

Another explosion brought down more debris from the cave’s high ceiling.

Coughing, Eva dusted her hair. “We should go,” she shrieked, panicking. “We shouldn’t stay here.”

“Calm down. I didn’t save your life so the Niroshids could claim it.” He spit more fire from his nostrils. “Before we can depart, I need to go on a reconnaissance flight to see where they are. They should not see us leaving the valley.”

“You can’t leave me here alone!”

“You need to stay in the cave. I’ll only be a few minutes.” Mirthrog scrutinized Eva in the same way Mother appraised her whenever she worried. His sad eyes shone, his head tilted to one side, his lips tightened.


Twisting away, he dashed out the mouth of the cave.


Eva sat on the smooth dirt floor with the sparkling diamonds surrounding her. No more explosions rattled the cave, but in the distance the fighting went on. Still, she waited, but the dragon didn’t return.

I am alone. The thought swirling inside her head drowned her senses. The realization of her family’s death hit her full force. The pain spread from her mind, sharp knives stabbing, down to the pit of her stomach. Tears overflowed. Her body shook with the uncontrollable sobs escaping her throat.

When at last she quieted, Eva wiped her nose with her sleeve and dried her tears with her palms. The urge to rush to the crash site to verify Mirthrog had told the truth—that she was the sole survivor—consumed her. If others were alive, they could help her return home.

The horror of the crash swept through her mind again. Can the spaceship even be repaired? Do the beings on this planet have any type of technology that could help me at least send a distress call? Are there other beings besides dragons on this planet? Too many questions crowded her mind.

Thoughts of Father filled her heart with more pain. Never again would he tease her with that crooked smile of his. Having been replaced by robots at work, he’d turned to the freedom of space, mining the uraninite and carnotite for its small amounts of uranium that had become scarce on Earth. Every summer, she had joined him with Mother on his mining expeditions. More tears spilled when she realized no more voyages would fill her summers. Sobs shook her body once more. She would never see Father and Mother again.

Together, they visited a few planets that could not support human life. No Earthly mission had discovered intelligent life, although these planets were plentiful with plants and bacteria, they did not contain enough oxygen to breathe. On this final planet, she encountered both, yet she was alone.

As the tears subsided, she got to her feet. After pausing a moment to steady her weak legs, she wobbled to the cave’s wall to better study the brilliant diamonds—she knew better than to touch them again. They didn’t shine like diamonds did, refracting colorful light. Their light was clear white similar to fluorescent light.

The silence within the cave drove her mad. She wobbled to the entrance, peeking outside. The sunrise took her breath away. A splash of burned oranges, yellows, and greens played in the sky, casting a supernatural glow on the ground. Leaning against the mouth of the cave, Eva stood transfixed, admiring the colorful canvas. Gigantic boulders lay scattered around the landscape, adding a sense of loneliness to the skewed green scenery. The trunks of the trees bent and curved in unusual ways, giving a distinctly alien feel to her surroundings. She gazed up into the smaller branches reaching for the sky. She craned her neck, trying to glimpse the tallest branch. The explosions came closer again and she stared at the horizon, fear scrambling back into her mind.

A skittering sound drew her attention, shifting her focus to the ground. A peculiar furry animal, reminiscent of a bunny with short ears and no tail, ran across the small clearing near the entrance of the cave, disappearing behind a boulder.

In need to escape the somber thoughts crushing her soul, she sighed, stepping out of the cave. Hot air enveloped her. A cool breeze blew, refreshing her warm cheeks. Breathing deep, she realized the air was thin, filled with sulfur. With one last glimpse around, she hobbled back to the cave where she could breathe easier. She sat on the floor with her back hunched over, burying her face in her palms, the lack of oxygen having made her queasy.


She jumped at Mirthrog’s voice, having not heard his approach.

He placed his hand on her shoulder. “We need to leave the valley right now. The fighting is getting too close.”

She glanced from the dragon to the entrance. “How?”

The cave shook. Dust sprinkled down, hazing Eva’s vision. She coughed and swiped her hand in front of her face to clear the air. She scrambled to her feet, stumbling forward. Mirthrog caught her. Eva’s hand slipped into his. He pulled her to the mouth of the cave.

He laid on his stomach at her feet. “Climb aboard, Eva.”

She stared.

“Little one, we must go.”

She continued to stare at the dragon lying at her feet. The fear of death from flying on the back of a dragon froze her.

“Eva, get on my back now.” His voice boomed inside her head.

Startled, she took a few steps back.

“Do you like to fly?” the dragon asked.

“Yes, it’s a fun thing to do.”

“I am glad you enjoy it.” His expression softened. She cocked her head, was that a smile of encouragement? “Now, climb aboard and hold on tight to one of my spines.”

“What?” She moved farther away.

“We will be flying to reach Saffron’s Valley.”

“How are we going to escape their fire?”

“Would you rather stay until the cave collapses on our heads? The fighting has not reached Saffron’s Valley yet. It will be safe there.”

“But I’ve never flown on the back of a dragon before.”

“I will protect you. Nothing will happen to you.”

“How can you be so sure?”

“Eva, do as I say. The Niroshids are coming toward my ca—”

Five soldiers burst through the entrance, weapons raised. Eva stared transfixed at the males dressed in black with what looked like oxygen masks covering most of their faces. Their perfectly round eyes moved from the dragon to her in what seemed startled amazement. Mirthrog jumped to his feet and, with one puff, incinerated three of them. While one stood in shock, staring at the ashes, the other pointed his weapon at Mirthrog. Before he could fire, the dragon breathed on him.

“If we don’t hurry, more are going to come into the cave. I won’t be able to guarantee your safety.” He lay at her feet again.

“But I could fall to my death.” She stared at his spiny back.

“I promise not to drop you. If you enjoy flying, this will be an invigorating experience for you.” He seemed to be thinking about something, and then added, “Do not worry, I will keep you safe. I will make the experience a wonderful one for you.”

The cave shook again. Her arms flailed as she almost lost her balance. The fifth soldier stood dumbfounded, staring at the golden hair cascading to her shoulders. With her heart beating in her throat, she scrambled on the dragon’s back. Settling right above the wings between two spines, she wiggled her bottom and tightened her knees around his middle to find a secure position.

“I’m as ready as I’ll ever be.” Her voice trembled with fear mingled with expectation while trying to anticipate his movements.

When he got up, standing upright, the movement jolted her. She tightened her hold around his spine, her knuckles turned white.

He twisted his neck to see her better. “Relax, I promise to keep you safe.” He released a burst of fire on the fifth soldier. She gasped. “He saw you. I cannot risk the Niroshid’s finding out about you.”

She wrinkled her nose, her stomach full of butterflies as Mirthrog walked out of the cave. His wings opened, and before she could blink, they were soaring through the sky, climbing to dizzying altitudes.


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Great Box sets

Tis the Season

In the book world today we have many choices and they are even greater with all the box sets available for such low prices.

Three box sets I’m in.

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Life is a Cabernet, by Jan Moran
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Corked and Screwed (A Rough and Tumble Novella), by Crystal Green
This beer fan had never been mistaken for a wine lover—or a gigolo—until a woman gone wild met him in Sin City…

Harmony in the Vineyard, by Annamaria Bazzi
Is Vincenzo being honest or is he playing with her heart? She must decide before it’s too late and her grandfather makes an irrevocable choice.

Bidding on Love, by Joanne Dannon
With a burning attraction between them, Lily and Diego agree on an affair but the clincher is, it has an end-date. But when love complicates their fling, are they willing to make changes or will they each hold steadfast to their entrenched beliefs and goals?

Liquid Lust, by K.N. Lee
Sohana needed a fresh start, and Arthur–a British billionaire has an enticing offer. Neither expected their arrangement to spark something more.

Rare Vintage, by Deborah Brown
A remote California vineyard, two strangers from opposite sides of the country, and a romance neither expected.

The Perfect Pairing, by Susan Ann Wall
She thought she landed the perfect job, but what her sexy new boss has to offer is the perfect pairing.

Let it Breathe, by Sydney Aaliyah Michelle
When an NFL bad boy meets a wine heiress, a night of passion leaves him wanting more. He helps her save her family business, but when the plan backfires, she has to choose between her family legacy and her heart.

Lured, by Jade Karin
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Christmas Pets Kisses 2Christmas Pets and Kisses 2

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It’s Always Something – Nikki Lynn Barrett- One celebrity couple. One first Christmas together. Two new additions to the McGinnis family in the form of a rabbit and a former German Shepherd service dog. What else could happen this year? It’s Always Something…

The Oblivious Girl’s Handbook – DelSheree Gladden – Being oblivious to all the signs that your life is about to fall apart doesn’t stop it from happening to Sara Taylor. Alone except for the Siamese cat her boyfriend left behind to teach her a lesson, Sara has no clue how to survive on her own. She knows her friend Monroe would gladly step in, but pride forces her to either sink or swim as Christmas approaches, even when sinking seems the most likely outcome.

Her Christmas Chance – Rachelle Ayala- A woman with cerebral palsy and her tomcat disagree about the attractive ex-con next door. Will a dose of Christmas magic reach through his dark secrets?

Sold! – J.L. Campbell – Christmas looks dismal this year for Feechi Anoduro, until she meets Carsten Raimes, who brings not only good luck, but the chance for her seven year old to keep Max, his beloved Yorkshire terrier.

Unexpected Gift 2 (Dani’s Story) – Chantel Rhondeau- Life has taught housekeeper Dani Johnson to be cynical and untrusting. The local veterinarian and a very special cat work hard to soften her heart this Christmas. However, the untimely revelation of his secrets might cause Dani to run from love forever.

Home for the Holidays Michele Shriver- Her personal and professional life at a crossroads New York lawyer Melanie Holister returns home to small town Iowa for the Holidays, where she crosses paths with her high school crush, Kaeden McGrath. Can Kaeden and his bulldog Spike help Melanie find happiness in the hometown she once couldn’t wait to leave?

Merry Mountain Christmas – P.C. Zick- Fran is adjusting after her husband’s death when her first love comes back to town upsetting her family. But a dog named Chester provides her with an inspiration. Rescue dogs and a new love come together in the Smoky Mountains for one sweet Christmas celebration.

Paper Love- Aubrey Wynne – Ian has pulled out all the stops to gain Joy’s trust. When a stray carrier pigeon appears on his deck, the bird and an origami obsession save the day.

Kindled– Jade Kerrion – When a dog darts across the road, premier danseur Nicolas Dragov, sends his motorcycle spinning to avoid killing it. Injured, he is sent home to recuperate over Christmas, but his massage therapist is his former dance partner and the woman who broke his heart.

A Christmas Snowstar – Nancy Radke- Two neighboring ranchers struggle to save a new-born foal from wolves in a blizzard, while becoming reacquainted after years of separation.

Melanie’s Christmas Gift – Sharon Coady- After a whirlwind wedding Kyle and Anne feel like they have it all as they settle in as a new family with her grandfather and his young daughter. But when Kyle announces they are expecting a new baby his child’s stubborn actions could rock their cradle and ruin their future. Can the family cat help create a Christmas miracle?

A Miracle for Happiness – Annamaria Bazzi- Brian Kemps abandoned all hope of love after his wife died. Amelia Pappas left the cemetery and swore that burying two husbands was enough and she’d never put her heart at risk again. With Christmas around the corner, can a little Bolognese bring them together?


ChristmasPetsandKisses2Dc_200by300Christmas Pets and Kisses

Ring in the Christmas cheer with sixteen all-new sweet and heart-warming romances from New York Times, USA Today and National bestselling authors. Don’t miss out on this romantic collection of Christmas tails…uh, tales as adorable pets with fins, paws, feathers, and hooves bring holiday magic with the gift of true love.

Now at Amazon for only $0.99


Golden Christmas – Helen Scott Taylor
Two wounded hearts are brought together at Christmas by a golden retriever puppy.

Two Loves for Christmas – Mona Risk
Her German shepherd is her only friend until Josh teams with Rino to love and protect her.

Dog-Gone Christmas – Melinda Curtis
A handsome neighbor and his friendly St. Bernard mooch food and kisses from a merry widow.

His Christmas Promise – Alicia Street
A stray dog brings an ex-Army helicopter pilot and a single mom together.

We Wish You A Ferret Christmas – Nikki Lynn Barrett
Can a lost and found ferret bring two fractured families together?

Christmas Lovebirds – Rachelle Ayala
Can two little lovebirds and Christmas cheer open Melisa’s heart to giving Rob another chance?

Christmas on Cougar Mountain – Nancy Radke
A Cinderella story on Cougar Mountain, with an escape artist playing fairy godmother, and a child getting a fresh start.

The Vet’s Christmas Pet – J.L. Campbell
A near accident brings Toni and her daughter a homeless dog and a man she’d prefer to keep in her past.

Tails, Time, and St. Nick – Mary Leo
Kris Timemaker uses a magic clock to bring his daughter’s missing Westie and estranged wife back to him.

Graced – Jade Kerrion
Noelle, armed with several goldfish and a kitten, brings Christmas cheer to a widower and his children.

Unexpected Gift – Chantel Rhondeau
Far from home, a lonely young woman strikes up a friendship with a lost cat and his secretive owner.

Minty’s Kiss – P.C. Zick
One kitten, a broken-hearted girl, and long lost loves are brought together for a special mountain Christmas.

The Christmas Wish – Michele Shriver
Will a fall from a horse bring Hayley’s parents back together in time for Christmas?

Dante’s Gift – Aubrey Wynne
Seventy years ago, a collie mix brings two hearts together in war torn Italy. Will their story help their grandson find his own Christmas love?

Mavy’s Christmas Miracle – Sharon Coady
Anne takes a rescue kitten to the vet, only to discover he’s the man who broke her heart.

An Impossible Rescue – Annamaria Bazzi
A handsome stranger gifts a cute Pomeranian puppy to a woman in need of rescue.


thank you for stopping by

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A Historical Time Travel Romance

Interested in Time Travel?

What about historical novels?

Time travel combines the two for a most interesting combo.


My historical time travel romance still needs a cover and you can help select the cover, just vote for your favorite by leaving a message.

Cover #1

The Past Come to Life


Cover #2

The Past Come to Life


Make your voice heard.

The story needs a title. Here is a blurb to help you out. The winner of the title will get a mention in the acknowledgement section and will receive a copy of the ebook when published. Don’t miss your chance to vote and win.


Grace is a time traveler.

Mr. Graystone is a wealthy English land owner who also owns a tobacco plantation in the deep South.

Mr. Fitzerald is Grace’s grandfather who came from the future and settled to raise a family.

James is Mr. Graystone younger brother who supervises the tobacco plantation.

Which of the two brothers will win Grace’s heart?


Leave a message with your creative title.

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I Don’t Like Disappearing Acts

It’s been rough. Very rough.


Kendíka from White Swans A Regency World

Yes, folks, I feel terrible but with Annamaria dedicating all her time to romance left me at the wayside. I have no intention of allowing her to make me disappear. My best friend is a magical being and she won’t permit me to vanish into nothingness.

I think I should bring my friend Jillian to help me run this website, not only but I believe I would do a better  job running Annamaria’s blog also. What do you think?

Have you missed me? If you have, let Annamaria know you want me back and I’ll bring back the type of posts that interest you. Just say the word, write a comment and I’ll make  your wishes come true.

I believe Annamaria needs to put some time into her young adult sci-fi/fantasy books and start to release some of them instead of spending all her time with romance. Although, I must admit I do like the historical time travel romance she’s writing now.

Don’t be silent, help me out.

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An Update

I always seem to disappear, but I am trying to be productive.

I’ve completed Harmony in the Vineyard the novel for the Romancing the Wine box set and have handed it over to  my editor. In the meantime I’ve started writing the second book for Christmas Pets & Kisses 2. Don’t really have a set title for it yet, but in the meantime I call it A Miracle for Happiness. I’m very excited about the story.

I’m still working on Cyber Bride and hope to get that finished soon. It is the second book to my new Rescue Series. The first book I’m trying to plan a release date for July or August. I also need to get ready to release the new cover for White Swans A Regency World.

Working outside the home has cut deeply into my writing and blogging time and so far have been unable to find a good balance to accomplish all my goals. Needless to say, so many end up on the wayside.

A little too late, but I’d like to congratulate Chuck Robertson who won a copy of White Swans A Regency world. Congratulations Chuck and thank you for participating in the giveaway. The paperback is on its way to you. I hope you enjoy the story.

On to my next dilemma. I’m unable to send emails and updates through my blog to my followers. I apologize and assure you I’m working on this to get a new program to be able to send updates and release information. For now, I hope you are all stopping by the blog for any new information I’m releasing.

Next on my agenda, I don’t like the layout of this blog and am struggling to figure out a new and more appealing format. If you have any ideas on how you’d like to view my blog please feel free to leave comments and suggestions they are very welcome and I will read and consider all of them.

Do keep an eye out for more update.

thank you for stopping by

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Wasting Time

Yes, I’m upset with Annamaria again.

With the limited time she has to write, instead of working on novels here is what she does to waste time.



I think it’s a wonderful piece for marketing the book, but with all the tight schedules she has, instead of wasting time on things like this she should be writing the second book to my story.

Come on folks, what do you think? Shouldn’t she be spending more time writing?

If you watch carefully, you’ll see the new cover… she should never have published this so early.

Okay, I’m done ranting.

Just for your eyes, I think it’s awesome.

See ya.

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The Giveaway has started

Hello friends,

as promised the first event celebrating the closing of the present book cover of White Swans A Regency World has started.

If you would like to win a copy of the White Swans A Regency World eBook just enter the rafflecopter giveaway. I wish everyone participating lots of luck. Don’t wait, just submit your entry.

This is the present Blurb and book cover.

White Swans A Regency World

Kendíka’s second chance at life begins as a nightmare.
Will the eerie eyes always looking down from the sky reveal themselves?
Kendíka challenges the aliens no one has ever seen to bring about a better life for the humans trapped in the surreal Regency world she wakes up in.
While getting to know her alien owner, she discovers the aliens aren’t so perfect and have much to learn about humans.
Will Kendíka survive or perish, attempting to make life better for the people living on Regency?


Stay tuned for further activities to close out the old cover and prepare the way for the new cover and blurb.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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More About the New Cover

Hello good people coming to the site, ~giggles~


Kendíka from White Swans A Regency World

The new cover for White Swans A Regency World is almost ready and Annamaria and I are trying to figure out all the logistics for the big launch.

The unveiling of the cover will happen around April  10 and a few events need to happen before then. We will have a giveaway followed by a Kindle special.

I know Annamaria is excited about all this, but I have to admit that I’m still upset with her for putting book II on the back burner for a few romance novellas for box sets. Oh yeah! one of the novels she’s thinking to submit to a traditional publisher… Harlequin of all places. Can you believe that? ~shakes head~ Don’t you all think she should concentrate on my wonderful story? Don’t you want to know what happens next on Regency? Annamaria needs to re-prioritize her to-do-list.

Lately, I’ve also missed my friend Dolores. It was fun hosting this blog with her, even if our ideas were a bit different.

I’m rambling again. Sorry.

Now for some updates.

Mail Order Bride is now The Virtual Bride. I’m so glad she changed that title, it didn’t fit the story set 200 years into the future. It’s a sweet romance that takes place in space and ends on Mars. Not really what you’d expect. It’s another easy and relaxing read. I can’t wait for her to send it to the editor. Harmony in the Vineyard is waiting to be read again before she does give it to her editor, so we’re making some progress. She really needs to hurry up because she still needs to write the historical/time travel and the Christmas novella for CP&K II.

~rolls eyes~ With her plate so full, I’m left to wonder when she will write book II of White Swans.

Anyhow, before I get too upset thinking about my story, I’m going to go visit Charles for a few days.

See ya.

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