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cropped-White-Swans-FINAL-BN.jpgThe three white swans at the Deverow Estate always intrigued me. From the day I arrived at the mansion I noticed the three whites shunned the beautiful black swan almost like humans give the cold-shoulder when upset or just don’t want to deal with the person. Although, I found it strange they were all different species.

Swinton Park

Swinton Park


The Deverow mansion looks like a small castle out of a fairytale book. The gardens are great, but the most attractive feature is the lake where the swans reside, it exudes peace. I spend a great deal of time there visiting the old duke. Oops! I’ll say no more before i give the story away.


The Bedroom

I hated my room when I first arrived at the estate, but later it became my sanctuary. To be honest, it’s more of an apartment with a sitting room bedroom and wonderful dressing room. I love the bed and the fireplace where Cordova always keeps a fire going to keep me warm–she’s always thoughtful.


debussi 002


Although I’ve been in Charles’s office, I’ve never seen his private apartment. I’m very curious to see it but don’t know how to approach the subject. Being one hundred years older than I am, I fear he might misconstrue my intentions. One corner of his office has a wall full of books with a comfortable leather chair. I’m sure that one day soon I’ll be able to see his apartment, but for now I’ll have to use my imagination.



I hope you’ve enjoyed this new look into my fishbowl world where, I have to admit, I have found great happiness. It’s getting pretty late. I’m tired.

See ya.

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