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With all these Indie authors flooding amazon and other online bookstores how do we find authors who are true to the craft and write quality books?

To make life a bit easier and less stressful, I’ll lend a helping hand with One to Watch series that will be coming out every Friday. Today I’m running a bit late, but I’m featuring Michael Drakich, one author whose words I enjoy reading.

Book Blurb for The Brotherhood of Piaxia:

New Cover - The Brotherhood Of Piaxia

Years have passed since the overthrow of the monarchy by the Brotherhood of Warlocks and they rule Piaxia in peaceful accord. But now forces are at work to disrupt this rule from outside the Brotherhood as well as within! In the border town of Rok, a young warlock acolyte, Tarlok and his older brother, Savan, captain of the guard, become embroiled in the machinations of dominance. While in the capital city, Tessia, the daughter of Piaxia’s most influential merchant, begins a journey of survival. Follow the three as their paths intertwine, with members of the Brotherhood in pursuit and the powerful merchant’s guild manipulating the populace for their own ends.


Here’s what a few readers had to say:

“I have to say I have liked everything I have read by this author. He seems to be able to write in any genre he chooses.”     Voracious Reader

“It has been a while since I read a really good epic fantasy, they are so few and far between, especially as a stand alone novel! I really enjoyed it…”     Amazon Customer

A small bio of the author:

Michael Drakich PhotoMichael lives in Windsor, Ontario, which is Canada’s most southern city, just south of Detroit, Michigan. He has been writing for some seven and a half years now and has just released several novel, among them are: The Infinite WithinLest The Dew Rust ThemGrave Is The DayThe Brotherhood Of Piaxia, and his latest Demon Stones.

Michael brings a repertoire of science fiction, fantasy and thrillers to readers everywhere.

Here’s what I had to say in  my review:

Although a bit slow to start, The Brotherhood of Piaxia, picks up in speed and action after the first few chapters.

The main characters come alive within their own chapters, and each, in their own way, advances the story in a memorable way. War and magic intertwine to create the excitement, rushing you through pages as a warlock takes control of a peaceful world

Commanders, warlocks and even the merchants’ guild come together to fight this evil emperor and to reinstate the monarchy. Interesting war tactic discussions between the commanders and warlocks brought to mind some of the ancient Greek and Roman wars.

Deep in the fields, among the sheep, a few surprises come to light, such as Bron, who made me cheer. Brave actions caused my heart to pound while rooting for their success. But at times, my heart sank when the war wasn’t going well for the good guys. A hard-to-put-down book.

Be sure to check out this great adventure, The Brotherhood Of Piaxia by Michael Drakich.

If you love wizards and everything magic, Michael Drakich is an absolute One to Watch.

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