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Hello good people coming to the site, ~giggles~


Kendíka from White Swans A Regency World

The new cover for White Swans A Regency World is almost ready and Annamaria and I are trying to figure out all the logistics for the big launch.

The unveiling of the cover will happen around April  10 and a few events need to happen before then. We will have a giveaway followed by a Kindle special.

I know Annamaria is excited about all this, but I have to admit that I’m still upset with her for putting book II on the back burner for a few romance novellas for box sets. Oh yeah! one of the novels she’s thinking to submit to a traditional publisher… Harlequin of all places. Can you believe that? ~shakes head~ Don’t you all think she should concentrate on my wonderful story? Don’t you want to know what happens next on Regency? Annamaria needs to re-prioritize her to-do-list.

Lately, I’ve also missed my friend Dolores. It was fun hosting this blog with her, even if our ideas were a bit different.

I’m rambling again. Sorry.

Now for some updates.

Mail Order Bride is now The Virtual Bride. I’m so glad she changed that title, it didn’t fit the story set 200 years into the future. It’s a sweet romance that takes place in space and ends on Mars. Not really what you’d expect. It’s another easy and relaxing read. I can’t wait for her to send it to the editor. Harmony in the Vineyard is waiting to be read again before she does give it to her editor, so we’re making some progress. She really needs to hurry up because she still needs to write the historical/time travel and the Christmas novella for CP&K II.

~rolls eyes~ With her plate so full, I’m left to wonder when she will write book II of White Swans.

Anyhow, before I get too upset thinking about my story, I’m going to go visit Charles for a few days.

See ya.

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