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An Impossible Rescue 


Christmas is no joy for Julia whose husband, a high-risk investor, comes around only to ask for money. When a handsome stranger and his cute Pomeranian puppy moves in next door, Julia feels guilty for their mutual attraction.

Michael’s not the rescuing type, but when he spies Julia’s husband haranguing her for holiday cash, anger flares and he is determined to rescue Julia from another miserable Christmas.

Read an excerpt of book 16 in the box set, An Impossible Rescue by annamaria bazzi.

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A Miracle for Happiness

A Miracle for HappinessBrian Kemps is ready to love again.

Amelia Pappas is afraid to love. She holds him at a distance and he worries he might not be the one she’s dreamed of. Amelia reveals her secret. She tells him in detail about her two marriages and how she buried her two husbands.

They discover love.

Cancer, the silent killer invades Amelia’s body.

Brian is not willing to give up the woman who stole his heart and refusing to accept the medical judgment, books tickets to Lourdes.

Where science fails, faith may find a way. Through the power of love.

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Harmony in the Vineyard
Harmony in the VineyardAlicia Giordano struggles to learn the wine business from her crusty Granddad Contrino, but if she’s to be ready to run the family vineyard, she has to follow his directions. Alicia dutifully complies with everything, but the old man may have gone too far when he hires a new accountant, Anthony Grassi, son of the famous corporate raider. Uncertain of how much Granddad Contrino knows of her past with Anthony, she discovers that ACI, the company his father uses for his legal pillaging, has targeted the family’s Contrino Vines for acquisition. Alicia must confront her runaway feelings and decide if Anthony is being honest or if he’s only playing with her heart to help his father. And she must decide before her Granddad makes an irrevocable choice.

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Rescued by a Gambler

Rescued by a GamblerNatalia’s world changes forever when her husband gambles and loses everything…including her. Things go from bad to worse when Brad, the winner, moves in to collect his winnings: the house, the cars and maybe even Natalia.

Unknown to Natalia, Brad has sworn an oath to protect her, but he can’t stop his growing feelings and even the signed contract is no shield for his heart. But, the longer he stays, through flares of attraction and fading trust, his only hope of fulfilling his agreement and walking away seems an unreachable goal. Saving Natalia’s heart and helping her to love again might be an impossible rescue.

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Box Sets

Christmas Pets and Kisses


The Authors

Golden Christmas – Helen Scott TaylorTwo Loves For Christmas – Mona Risk
Dog-Gone Christmas – Melinda Curtis
His Christmas Promise – Alicia Street
We Wish You a Ferret Christmas – Nikki Lynn Barrett
Christmas Lovebirds – Rachelle Ayala
Christmas on Cougar Mountain – Nancy Radke
The Vet’s Christmas Pet – J.L. Campbell
Tails, Time, and St. Nick – Mary Leo
Graced – Jade Kerrion
Unexpected Gift – Chantel Rhondeau
Minty’s Kiss – P.C. Zick, kitten
The Christmas Wish – Michele Shriver
Dante’s Gift – Aubrey Wynne
Mavy’s Christmas Miracle – Sharon Coady
An Impossible Rescue – Annamaria Bazzi

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Christmas Pets and Kisses 2

The popularity of Christmas Pets and Kisses prompted the authors to offer Christmas Pets and Kisses 2 featuring 12 new sweet romances with pets. This year the box set features best selling authors.

The Authors

Christmas Pets Kisses 2Nikki Lynn Barrett
DelSheree Gladden
Rachelle Ayala
J. L. Campbell
Chantel Rhondeau
Michele Srhiver
P. C. Zick
Aubrey Wynne
Jade Kerrion
Nancy Radke
Sharon Coady
Annamaria Bazzi

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Romancing the Wine


Romancing the WineReisling sweet, Pinor Noir opulent, Champagne elegant! Nine award-winning authors’ newest novellas, one to suit every palate! Pop the cork and raise your glass to Romancing the Wine!

Life is a Cabernet, by Jan Moran
Henri Laurent is everything Napa wine publicist Juliana Cardona desires—intelligent, handsome, wealthy, and widowed—but is the sensual vintner really who he says he is?

Corked and Screwed (A Rough and Tumble Novella), by Crystal Green
This beer fan had never been mistaken for a wine lover—or a gigolo—until a woman gone wild met him in Sin City…

Harmony in the Vineyard, by Annamaria Bazzi
Is Vincenzo being honest or is he playing with her heart? She must decide before it’s too late and her grandfather makes an irrevocable choice.

Bidding on Love, by Joanne Dannon
With a burning attraction between them, Lily and Diego agree on an affair but the clincher is, it has an end-date. But when love complicates their fling, are they willing to make changes or will they each hold steadfast to their entrenched beliefs and goals?

Liquid Lust, by K.N. Lee
Sohana needed a fresh start, and Arthur–a British billionaire has an enticing offer. Neither expected their arrangement to spark something more.

Rare Vintage, by Deborah Brown
A remote California vineyard, two strangers from opposite sides of the country, and a romance neither expected.

The Perfect Pairing, by Susan Ann Wall
She thought she landed the perfect job, but what her sexy new boss has to offer is the perfect pairing.

Let it Breathe, by Sydney Aaliyah Michelle
When an NFL bad boy meets a wine heiress, a night of passion leaves him wanting more. He helps her save her family business, but when the plan backfires, she has to choose between her family legacy and her heart.

Lured, by Jade Kerrion
Can their unforgettable Italian vineyard holiday romance survive the jarring return to reality when they face each other across the courtroom?

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