White Swans A Regency World

White Swans was originally designed as a short story series in the hopes many young adults who complain books are just too long, would enjoy reading the novel in bits and pieces.

The novel is a magical world filled with misplaced righteousness and lots of evil for those who enjoy the struggle of good and evil. The story is also about friendship, and learning what the real meaning of friendship is all about.

In the first book, the main character of Kendíka is introduced together with the new world she wakes up in.




Left an orphan, Kendíka cries herself to sleep and startles awake in a Regency castle. Terror consumes her, and she attempts to escape only to discover the new world is her prison. Having no choice, she attends a ball given by her guardian, Lord Deverow, to introduce her into society. He admonishes her to follow the rules and promises to protect her from the wrath of the strange, hazy set of eyes spying on everything. But when she ignores his warning, Kendíka learns firsthand what it means to be disobedient.



In the second short story, Jillian, is introduced in the world Kendíka calls a fishbowl. The scheming young teen has grand ideas she needs to execute.


White Swans 2 New Girl KDP
All it takes is a wish upon a star, and Jillian finds herself in a Regency world she only read about in romance novels. She wakes in an exciting world of adventure and challenges but didn’t expect the new life she received. A maid? OMG!

An ambitious girl, she schemes to rise above her station and become a lady with a title and wealth. She’ll go to any lengths to achieve her goals—even risking the anger of her captors, the hazy eyes always gazing down upon the ancient world. Will her attempts to climb the social ladder get her into trouble?



Kendíka and Jillian become friends, and Kendíka tries to help her friend find a husband with money and standing.


White Swans 3 Final Cover KDP


After attempting to accept her fate in the strange fishbowl world, Kendíka decides it’s impossible. Call her a pet, will they? Determination revived, she tempts her “master’s” fury by trying to make life better for the people of Deverow’s Duchy. She will bring technology to the Regency era or end up a swan trying.

Still longing for a higher station in her new existence, Jillian sets her sights on Harry, the Count of Paddington. The only problem? Getting the man to take notice of her. Perhaps discovering some common ground—besides their rabbit-like features—will do the trick.